adressZoolohichna st., 4A, office 139, Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine

Members of UNAF

p5Public Union "Agrarian Union of Ukraine".

p3Public Union “All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council”.

p4All-Ukrainian Association of Villages and Town Councils.

p6Association “Poultry Union of Ukraine”.

p1All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation".

p2Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club”.

About us


PU “Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum” was created in October 2017 by the decision of the meeting of five organizations-founders: Public Union "Agrarian Union of Ukraine", Public Union “All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council”, All-Ukrainian Association of Villages and Town Councils, All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation", Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club”.


  • Protection of interests of the member organizations and partners;
  • Coordination of the positions of profile organizations (learn to negotiate with each other);
  • Formation and presentation of a common position at all levels;
  • Constructive dialogue with international agrarian associations.
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